Complete kit 
With led lights 
Filter and heater 

The sensational Betta Trio tank from Aqua One is a cutting-edge innovation from master designers of the aquarium industry. It combines the flexibility to personalize three separate tank spaces, to enjoy the beauty of aquascaping three times over! The elegant design is a combined 32 litres in size and comes equipped with some of Aqua One’s state of the art aquarium equipment for an instant setup.

The Aqua One Betta Trio Tank has been custom designed for the needs and requirements of Betta species and/or water creatures. Those who survive on similar temperature and water conditions such as Shrimps and Dwarj Guarami, can enjoy their own exciting environment, whilst surviving off the same aquarium equipment. The money-saving innovation is equipped with heater and back fitted filtration system for excellent water clarity and is the perfect way to keep up to 3 different species separately in the Trio.

The Aqua One Betta Duo has also been integrated with the brand’s superb LED lighting system. The lighting not only covers the entire surface area of the tank water with a well-balanced spectrum that mimics natural daylight, but it also provides a stunning finish to the aquarium. The energy saving LED lighting enhances the vivid colours of your unique underwater universe, adding a captivating ambience to any indoor room.

The superb crisp glass sides of the Aqua One Betta Trip, provide endless viewing pleasure and can be enhanced with the oak Betta Cabinet, tailored to fit snugly underneath the tank dimensions, for the perfect fit. The smart and stylish aesthetics of the Aqua One Betta Trio will compliment any interior furnishings, thanks to its beautifully crafted design, giving it universal appeal for hobbyists new or advanced.

Aquaone Betta Trio 32L


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